Peter Nardini- Executive Director

Peter has over ten years of non-profit and development experience in international heath, alternative technologies and water/basic sanitation that he brings to Green World Health Network. He holds a dual Master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning (MCRP) and Latin American Studies (MLAS) from the University of New Mexico-Albuquerque.

Peter served as a Peace Corps volunteer (2001-2004) in Bolivia and designed, wrote funding proposal for, and supervised construction of new and rehabilitated community water systems. He also led a project to build 150 latrines in his community. More recently, Peter worked as the Managing Director of Volunteers for Inter-American Development Assistance (VIDA), base in Emeryville, California, a non-profit specializing in sending medical supplies and equipment to Latin American hospitals serving underserved populations. Peter ran the day-to-day operations of VIDA in 2004-2005. In the summer of 2006, Peter volunteered at Dixcove Hospital in the Western Region of Ghana, where he designed and wrote a proposal for a rainwater catchment water system for the hospital. Peter is the founder of Green World Health Net and has acted in the role of Executive Director since 2008.


Harini Ravichandran


Harini Ravichandran-  Development and Communications Intern

Harini Ravichandran is an aspiring global health advocate in San Francisco, CA. She earned her B.Tech in Biotechnology and M.Tech in Food and Nutrition Biotechnology. She has a couple of years of experience with non-profits in India. Her interest in understanding the burden and risk factors of infectious and non-communicable diseases made her choose to study MS in Global Medicine. She graduated from the USC’s Keck School of Medicine (2016). 

Harini has worked in projects on Latent TB infection, HIV, CVDs, Female Genital Mutilation and STIs: Burden and Management. She believes that sustainable recommendation and education have the power to end the World’s preventable health crises. Harini is the Development Intern at GWHN and is looking forward to create a world where all lives matter and have the access to a perfect healthcare system.





Volunteers play a critical role in Green World Health Net operations. We rely on our wonderful volunteers to help with various organizational tasks including website development, project outreach, and with many other operational tasks. Volunteers have also assisted us with our projects overseas to include technical advisory and helping with project organization and implementation.