Our Work Model

Green World Health Net’s work model is based on several interconnected and empowering development practices. We feel that each all of these practices help ensure project sustainability and maximize project impact.


Holistic Approach




GWHN projects are holistic and to varying degrees have a positive impact on development health, the environment and poverty alleviation while promoting  sustainability and a higher quality of life.








Demonstration and Scalability

GWHN conducts demonstration workshops to teach people green technologies. Local teachers and community members than teach each other.

In this way, limited resources have great impact towards improving health, the environment, and income opportunity.



Participatory Design

GWHN utilizes participatory design practices that include input from project participants to create and improve green technologies. Participatory design is a form of user-centered design and involves users as much as possible so that they can influence the design process. The process is also highly interactive so that testing can insure that design meets users’ requirements.