Meet our Boko Bed Net Project Staff in Ghana

Nathaniel Eshun and Stephen Ackah represent Green World Health Net’s on-the-ground project team. Both are currently working with the community of Ketakor to implement the Boko Bed Net Project in every household in this village of more than hundred houses.

Both Nathaniel and Stephen look forward to taking what they are learning while working on this pilot project to teach other communities in Africa how to make, install and care for these innovative and life-changing malaria preventing solar systems.


“I am happy to have the opportunity to work on this project and help bring better health and electricity to my people. This project is changing lives and in the process changing my own.”


Nathaniel (Nat) Eshun- Project Manager

Nat is acting Project Manager for the Boko Bed Net Pilot Project, a GWHN solar power malaria prevention project being conducting in villages in the Ahanta West District, Western Region of Ghana. He works directly with Green World Health Net’s Community Project Leader(s) and assists them in with design troubleshooting, purchasing and transporting project supplies, conducts base line surveys, produces project summary and expense reports for our organization, and devises monthly action plans.

Nat’s prior experience includes working as a industrial electrical maintenance planner in the oil palm production industry. He holds Higher National Diploma (HND) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Cape Coast Polytechnic in Ghana.

Nat is active is his community and served as President of Ahanta Environmental Club (AEC) responsible for coordinating, planning and implemented environmental issues in Ahanta West communities. He managed a community–run internet cafe’ to serve the local community. Nat has also been involved in solving sanitation issues in his community and wrote a proposal for twelve seater community water closet toilet (WCT) project that was accepted by the District Assembly. Nat  was also instrumental in developing a garbage pick-up service in his home village.


“I am proud to help my community by bringing power to our village and help to stop malaria. Malaria is a big problem here and we are comfortable in our net now”


Stephen Ackah- Community Project Leader

Stephen is the serving Community Project Leader for the Boko Bed Net Pilot Project in his village of Ketakor, Ghana.  Ketakro is a coastal village where malaria is endemic and there currently no electricity or other basic services.

Stephen’s experiences include working as a maintenance supervisor and hotel host at a nearby beach resort. This work included all electrical maintenance.  Stephen current work involves supervising and leading the building and installation of Boko Bed Net systems in his village. He is also supervising the development of a community-owned solar panel and cell phone charger making workshop in Ketakor, the first of its kind in Ghana.