GWHN Executive Director wins Paul Re Peace Prize

2014_Winner_NardiniPeter Nardini, Green World Health Net founder and Executive Director, has been awarded the 2014 Paul Re Peace Prize. This bi-annual award is administered by the University of New Mexico (UNM) Foundation. The foundation committee chose Peter for the Peace Prize based on his local and international health and environmental work with GWHN.

Intent of the Ré Peace Prize Artist Paul Ré is recognized internationally for promoting world peace and harmony through his masterful creations. Since 1972, he has shown how serene and elevating art can act as a model for living and can inspire us to find our inner depth and express it outwardly through good works. In keeping with these ideals, the Peace Prize is given to that UNM student, faculty or staff member, alumnus or retiree who has promoted peace, harmony and understanding among people of the world, both within him- or herself and outwardly through tangible works. These works may be on a local, regional, national or global level. Emphasis is on promoting both internal and external peace and fostering discussion of what really constitutes peace.Re_Winners_2014

The small stipend that is awarded for the Peace Prize will go towards the writing of a TED Talk focusing on the connection between sustainable development/environmental work, conflict prevention and peace. More to come soon!