Other GWHN Projects

In addition to the Bɔkɔɔ Project, Green World Health Net implements other projects that use green technologies and practices to improve health and quality of life. These projects include using alternative technologies to bring solar electricity and potable, hot, and sterilized water to rural hospitals and health posts. GWHN also conducts workshops that teaching the basics of how solar systems work as well as how to make solar panels and install a solar system using locally available materials. 

Dixcove Hospital Project

Previous Water Source

Dixcove Hospital, which sits on a hill overlooking the fishing village of Dixcove located in the Western Region of Ghana, is the site of Green World Health Net’s current Green Hospital Initiative.

Dixcove Hospital receives on average 17,000 patients per year. The hospital includes adult, children and maternity wards as well as an operating room, where all kinds surgeries are performed. However, until recently, the hospital did not have a functioning water system to provide this vital resource for the above hospital facilities and functions. Although the hospital was built with a water system infrastructure, and numerous wells were dug on the hospital grounds, no water was ever found. As a result, the water system was abandoned.

To turn this terrible situation around, Green World Health Net met with the hospital staff and together, over the course of three months, developed a plan of action to address these problems. What resulted was the formation of the “Dixcove Hospital Alternative Water System Project” This project is a two phase project. The first phase was to repair the existing water distribution system so water can be distributed throughout the hospital. We are proud to say that we recently completed this first phase of the project. The result is that there is now running water throughout the entire hospital and the sinks and toilets are once again being used. The water is also being used for laundry services and the kitchen. We did all this with a generous donation from the organization “Stay in the Shade”, coming within our original estimates and budget.

New sink in Children’s Ward

Phase 2 consist of installing a solar water heating system and a UV sterilization system, and repair, and greatly expand, an existing rain water catchment system. Design proposals to introduce the alternative technologies to the hospital were completed by Green World Health Net volunteer engineers in 2012. In 2013 we will both begin and complete Phase 2 and build solar water heating and UV sterilization systems and improve the existing rain water catchment system. This work will result in bringing much needed hot and sterilized water to the hospital. A rain water catchment system with expanded storage capacity is also needed to ensure that the hospital’s water supply is constant.

Below are links to the design plans for the rainwater catchment improvement and the solar heating components of this project.

Dixcove Solar Heating Design Plans

Dixcove Rainwater Catchment Design Plans

Dixcove Hospital Water System Project Video Link


Solar Panel Making Workshops