Meet our Boko Bed Net Project Staff in Ghana

Nathaniel Eshun and Stephen Ackah represent Green World Health Net’s on-the-ground project team. Both are currently working with the community of Ketakor to implement the Boko Bed Net Project in every household in this village of more than hundred houses.

Both Nathaniel and Stephen look forward to taking what they are learning while working on this pilot project to teach other communities in Africa how to make, install and care for these innovative and life-changing malaria preventing solar systems. (more…)

Better and More Affordable!: Improvements to Boko Bed Net system results in better system at a lower cost

Over the past year we have worked with the Ketakor community and project leaders resulting in many improvements to the system, meanwhile cutting system costs by more than half.  We will continue to make improvements and hopefully reduce cost even further. Here’s how we are improving the system while dramatically lowering the cost:

Solar cells:  Until recently, we were supplying the community of Ketakor with full size, factory seconds solar cells that were cut on site into the proper size cells for our Boko Bed Net and Cell Phone Charger solar panels. The cutting of the cells to make smaller ones resulted in up to 25% breakage and waste. We are now  getting the cells pre-cut to the proper sizes reducing the breakage waste to about 5%. We have reduced the cost of the cells by 10% and eliminated the timely process of having to cut them. (more…)

Boko Bed Net Project Indigogo Launch- July 2013

GWHN will launch its Boko Bed Net Project Indigogo Campaign. We are trying to $43,500 over 45 days with this campaign. With these funds we will be able to install Boko Bed Net solar systems (consisting of solar panels, a battery, lights, fan/light consoles, mosquito net, and more) in 300 homes covering two villages in Ghana, West Africa. Updates to follow on how we are doing with regards to meeting these project funding goals.