Article on Determining Price Points for Boko Fan/Light Console

Malaria Journal, one of the leading academic journals for Malaria research, has published a third article relating to our Boko Pilot study in Ghana. The research for this article was conducted by GWHN, in partnership with Tulane Univeristy, the Univeristy of Switzerland and the Noguchi Memorial Insitute for Medical Research.

Determining Price for Boko Fan/Light Consoles

While the two previous Malaria Journal articles published focused on whether having a fan/light console inside a mosquito net will increase net use (it does), this research was conducted to obtain prelimary information on what prices our study participants would be willing to pay for the fan/light consoles. This “Willingness to Pay (WTP)” Study provides helpful information for determining price thresholds and whether a viable business model can be developed to sell the fan/light consoles in impoverished rural areas where malaria is endemic.

The results of this study show that the mean WTP was approximately 55 Cedis (~13 USD). We also demonstrated demand suggesting that at a price that would support full manufacturing cost recovery a majority of households in the area would be willing to purchase at least one such system.

Below is a link to our article “Willingness to pay for small solar powered bed net fans: results of a Becker–DeGroot–Marschak auction in Ghana”:

Because of these continued positive results that show our idea is both effective and affordable, our next step is to develop a business model to sell and distribute our Boko Solar Systems, household solar systems that bring electricity and light to homes and which include the fan/light consoles to be used with mosquito nets that help reduce Malaria and save lives.