Donation, Advertising and Sponsorship Policy

Donation Acceptance Policy
Green World Health Network will not solicit or accept donations or gifts from individuals or entities whose practices, policies, or operations are deemed unacceptable and contrary to the values implicit in the mission statement. Green World Health Network will not endorse the policies or views of its funders or donors.

Advertising and Corporate Sponsorship Policy
Green World Health Network (GWHN) welcomes corporate sponsorship and/or advertising in GWHN’s publications subject to the following guidelines:
African Health Net will not accept corporate sponsorship or advertising that reflects in a negative manner on the organization, does not align with its mission statement, or is not in the best interest of the health and safety of GWHN or the communities to which GWHN strives to serve, as determined by Green World Health Networks Board of Directors.

Green World Health Net does not accept corporate sponsorships or advertising for certain categories of products and services, including alcohol products, illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons, tobacco products or establishments, sexual escort services, gambling opportunities or casinos, weight-loss products or plans, check cashing services, and credit cards.

Green World Health Network does not accept corporate sponsorship advertising or acknowledgments on its Web site without approval from GWHN’s Board of Directors.
Green World Health Network does not endorse, directly or by implication, any products, services, or ideas advertised except those sponsored directly by GWHN.