Technical Advisor Team

Dr. Joseph Keating – Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Dr. Joseph Keating is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Health and Development in the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. His primary research interests focus on malaria, monitoring and evaluation, and disease ecology in tropical and sub-tropical areas, particularly the Caribbean and sub-Saharan Africa. Dr. Keating has over 24 publications in peer-reviewed academic journals and 6 technical report publications through the MEASURE Evaluation project. His publications are based on NIH, CDC, and USAID funded research projects in Kenya, Eritrea, Nigeria, and Haiti. His current research focuses on Anopheles mosquitoes and malaria in urban environments of sub-Saharan Africa; the evaluation of a child survival project in Nigeria; malaria in Haiti; and ITN use in Zambia. Dr. Keating completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Miami and holds a PhD in International Health from Tulane University, a Master’s d

egree in International Development Studies from Ohio University, and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Marian College in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Marlene Brown Solar Design and Implementation

Marlene Brown works at Sandia National Labs in the On-Orbit Satellite Analysis Group. She transferred from the Photovoltaics Systems Group where she worked with all levels of systems applications in the field and in the lab. Marlene has worked with photovoltaic applications for 20 years. She works with the Solar America Cities project and promoting DOE’s Workforce Development initiative. Marlene also is working with the Facilities department at Sandia Labs on the Campus Commons project to help change Sandia Labs into a net zero energy and water campus. In 2009, Marlene served on the City of Albuquerque’s Climate Action Task Force at the request of Mayor Martin Chavez as well as on the Governor of New Mexico’s Solar Task Force. Marlene is past President of the New Mexico Solar Energy Association where she served for 4 years and remains on the advisory board. She has been teaching photovoltaic hands-on design and installation classes for over 10 years, installing systems on non-profit and community based organizations. She currently teaches classes through the New Mexico Solar Energy Association (NMSEA) and other non-profit organizations. Marlene is trained as both an electrical engineer and an electrician. She has her Masters in Electrical Engineering and her certificate in the electrical trades.


Alternative Energy Project Financing Advisor Team

Doug Pic (1)Doug Coward- Alternative Energy Project Financing

Mr. Coward has more than two decades of professional experience in Florida as a planner, clean energy policy expert, small business owner, and elected official, including 12 years as a St. Lucie County Commissioner (1998-2010). He attended Florida State University earning a Master’s Degree in Urban and Regional Planning, with an emphasis on economics and the environment. In addition to more than a decade of public service, Doug has worked as a Senior Environmental Planner with St. Lucie County, an Environmental Specialist and Clean Energy Executive in the private sector, and Community Planner with 1000 Friends of Florida. Coward is the Executive Director of the non-profit Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF), and also owns and administers his own clean energy consulting business that is helping schools and large energy consumers shift to cost-effective clean energy solutions. Coward has received numerous awards, including “Most Outstanding Green Elected Official” from the South Florida Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). He has been described by the Florida media as, “an unusual combination of environmentalist, smart growth proponent, and business advocate.”

Duanne Andrade- Micro Financing, Micro-Lending

Duanne Andrade is Founder and President of Evolution Business Development Inc., a consulting firm specializing in sustainable business practices. Andrade achieved a Bachelor’s degree from NYU in Political Science and Economics and an MBA from the Harvard Institute of International Development (HIID) in cooperation with the Bolivian Catholic University. Ms. Andrade has extensive experience in micro-finance, micro-lending, sustainability, strategic planning and clean energy projects, and is also an adjunct professor at the Anhuac University Latin American Center for Social Responsibility (CLARES). Ms. Andrade is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight of the financial and operational aspects of the non-profit Solar and Energy Loan Fund (SELF).


Operations Advisor Team


Eliska Broes-Graphic Design, Marketing, Web Development

Eliska has spent over 12 years working in the field of Art Direction and Design for various media companies and national chains. She is the Art Director for the New Mexico BioPark Society. In the past Eliska has worked on various graphic design projects for non-profit animal rights groups. She holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of New Mexic0.