Our Mission

Our mission at Green World Health Network is to improve health and at the same time create a more sustainable planet. We believe that our future as a people and planet depends on identifying and strengthening the connections between health, quality of life, and the environment. We work towards this goal by implementing innovative projects which utilize green technologies and practices to improve health and quality of life in under-resourced communities in the US and throughout the world.



Events Calendar

April 2016
  • GWHN will present the Boko Project documentary at our Earth Day events in San Francisco and Albuquerque. Stay tuned for more information on dates and times. Come join us and learn about our work on using alternative and green technologies to help prevent malaria.
January 2016
  • Green World Health Net staff, with our partners from the Swiss Tropical Public Health Institute and the Noguchi Memorial Institute of Medical Research, will conclude our year long Boko Project pilot study in Ghana. After the study data is collected and finalized it will be analyze and several papers will be submitted to academic journals. Preliminary findings are positive and indicate that the Boko System greatly increases the use of mosquito nets and  saves lives.

GWHN Partners
Project C.U.R.E. Stay in the Shade Direct Relief

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