At Green World Health Network we believe there are unexplored connections for improving health and at the same time creating a more sustainable planet. We also believe that our future as a people and planet depends on identifying and continuing to strengthen these connections. We work towards this goal by implementing innovative projects which utilize green technologies and practices to improve health in underserved communities throughout the developing world. 

Green World Health Net Events Calendar

March 2014
  • Boko Bed Net  Project fundraiser events in San Francisco, Albuquerque and Seattle- date and time TBA- Documentary will be shown in various locations, stay tuned!
November 2013
  • Recycle Health New Mexico launches an independent website for Recycle Health New Mexico, a medical supplies recovery program formed as a partnership between GWHN and Project C.U.R.E. Visit our website to learn more about this win-win-win program: Recycle Health New Mexico
September 2013
  • Inauguration ceremony in Ketakor, Ghana to celebrate the completed installation of first 40 Boko Bed Net systems and coverage for half of the village. 
  • Second workshop trip to Ketakro, production and installation of 20 more household Boko Bed Net Systems, begin construction of the solar panel making workshop in the village.
August 2013
  •  Release of Boko Bed Net System Project documentary about our first BBNS project conducted in the Ghanaian coastal village of Ketakor.
July 2013
  • Launch of Boko Bed Net Project Indigogo awareness and fundraising campaign. There will be videos and lots of really good information about this project on Indigogo site. Please take a look starting in July 1st.

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